Royal Caribbean International

These are the extra conditions for Royal Caribbean International Rewards. Please make sure you have read and understood them as well as the Rules of the DiscoveryCard Rewards Programme.

What is this Reward?

Pay for your Royal Caribbean International bookings booked through Cruise Corner with your DiscoveryCard and get cash back. Your cash back is based on your Vitality status.

You can also choose to redeem Discovery Miles for additional cash back on the booking.

Who may use it?

Discovery Vitality members who have a DiscoveryCard. If you have VitalityDrive™ and a DiscoveryCard but you are not a member of Vitality, you cannot earn Rewards from Royal Caribbean International.

What you pay

There are no extra fees for this Reward, other than your yearly DiscoveryCard and monthly Vitality fees.

How it works

Visit Cruise Corner in Sandton City, shop b34 or visit to book your holiday with Royal Caribbean International. You can also phone on 011 506 5600. Use your DiscoveryCard to pay to earn the Reward. Your cash back will be paid 4-6 weeks after the final cruise payment is received by Cruise Corner.

You are advised to obtain your own tax advice regarding any benefit you may receive in terms of these rules. Discovery will not be responsible for any tax consequences that may arise.

Vitality cash back percentages
Years on Vitality Blue Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
 Fewer than 3 10% 10% 10% 10% N/A
 3 to 5 10% 11% 12% 13% 15%
 More than 5 10% 12% 14% 15% 20%

Conditions to the Reward

  1. Make sure your Vitality membership is linked to your DiscoveryCard. If you join Vitality more than three months after you have joined Discovery Health, Bankmed, Discovery Life or Group Life, you will have to wait three months before you can use the DiscoveryCard travel benefits.
  2. Make the booking directly with Cruise Corner. Bookings made with Royal Caribbean International will not qualify for cash back. Remember to mention that you are a DiscoveryCard holder before you make your travel booking with Cruise Corner. If you do not mention this beforehand, you will not receive your cash back.
  3. If you want to pay for the booking for another Vitality member, the discount only applies to Vitality members on your (the DiscoveryCard holder’s) Vitality membership.
  4. The cash back applies to the cruise only. It does not include third party fees, additional extras, port charges, taxes and gratuities.
  5. Make sure you understand the penalties for cancelling your booking.

If you have Discovery Miles

  1. You can choose to redeem Discovery Miles for additional cash back on your booking.
  2. The minimum Discovery Miles redeemed cannot be less than 5 000 miles.
  3. The total cash-back you receive from redeeming miles combined with the DiscoveryCard normal cash back cannot exceed the rand value of the booking.
  4. You must get a booking reference number to use your Discovery Miles.
  5. To request the Discovery Miles redemption, the application form must be filled in and returned to Discovery Vitality. To get the application form call 0860 11 2273.
  6. The application form can be completed at any time from when the booking is made, but cannot be completed past 30 days after you receive your cash back for the booking.
  7. If you have Discovery Miles activated and you pay for your travel using your DiscoveryCard, then you also get free international travel insurance. Terms and conditions apply. Please find them here.

An example:

Celeste books a cruise through Cruise Corner with Royal Caribbean International. The cruise costs R 25 000 of which R 20 000 is the cost of the cruise (R 5 000 consists of third party fees, additional extras, port charges, taxes and gratuities). Celeste pays the R 25 000 with her DiscoveryCard, has been with Discovery Vitality for 3 years, and is on Gold Vitality status. Celeste also wants to redeem 250 000 Discovery Miles for additional cash back. Her cash back will be paid as follows:

Celeste books a Royal Caribbean International cruise directly through Cruise Corner (this is to ensure she gets her cash back) and pays the total fee of R 25 000 using her DiscoveryCard. Total amount paid with DiscoveryCard:
R 25 000
Cruise Corner sends the invoice and all the details to Discovery for the discount to be calculated. The invoice shows the clear breakdown that
R 20 000 of the total booking was the base costs, and the remainder
R 5 000 was port charges, taxes and gratuities
Qualifying spend to get cash back:
R 20 000
Celeste is a Discovery Vitality member and is on Gold Vitality status.
This allows her a 20% cash back
Qualifying cash back percentage
Discovery Vitality calculates the cash back as 20% off the base cost of R 20 000 Cash back due to Vitality status:
R 4 000
Celeste also has Discovery Miles and wants to redeem her miles for additional cash back. She calls the DiscoveryCard call centre on 0860 11 2273 and gets the miles redemption form from the call centre agents.
Celeste decides to redeem 250 000 Discovery Miles, fills in the form, and sends it back to Vitality.
Discovery Miles redemption requested
250 000 Discovery Miles
Vitality calculates that the maximum Discovery Miles that are allowed to be redeemed on the booking is 210 000. This is calculated as:
Total booking cost (R 25 000) less cash back received (R 4 000) multiplied by 10.
Allowable Discovery Miles redemption
210 000 Discovery Miles
Vitality therefore redeems the maximum allowable Discovery Miles
of 210 000
210 000 Discovery Miles
Vitality redeems the Discovery Miles and pays Celeste an additional
R 21 000 in cash back
R 21 000
The total cash back that Celeste receives is R25 000 Cash back dues to Vitality status: R 4 000
Cash back due to Discovery Miles: R 21 000

Getting started

To join Vitality

  • Download an application form by visiting
  • Click on “Discovery Vitality”
  • Click on “join Vitality”
  • Select “application form”

Complete the application form and fax it to us on 011 539 2509.

To join VitalityDrive™

Speak to your financial adviser or contact the Discovery Insure contact centre on 0860 751 751 or

To get a DiscoveryCard

If you are a Discovery Vitality or VitalityDrive™ member and want to apply for a DiscoveryCard, call 0860 11 2273 or email

Ending the Reward

Please read the Rules of the DiscoveryCard Rewards programme for when this Reward or the Rewards programme ends.


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