Why Cruising?

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There are so many reasons to choose a cruise for your next holiday and it is so much more than you only have to unpack once. I couldn’t possibly unpack (excuse the pun) all of the reasons that you absolutely must cruise, I would be here all night but I have tried my very best to sum up the most important ones.

Great value for money

Get so much more for your hard earned cash, more bang for your buck. With cruising you get more inclusions, more entertainment, more choice, more everything and who doesn’t like more? The best part; almost everything can be pre-paid which is great when you are travelling on the South African Rand. Also, bragging rights included at no extra cost.

Something for everyone and I mean everyone!

It does not matter whether you are a couple on a honeymoon or second honeymoon, adults with kids, or kids and grandkids, travelling alone or travelling with friends; cruising offers something for everyone. You can enjoy the cruise your way. Chasing every possible adrenalin rush, doing every activity available or catching up with some much needed rest and relaxation, it is all about you all of the time! Modern cruise lines and ships are designed to appeal to everyone, even the fussiest traveller. Entertaining the kids is a no brainer and you will never ever have to hear the dreaded “I’m bored” and teenagers can escape to the on-board youth clubs and programs when they need to get a break from the parents. Worst case scenario if you stop liking the people you came with there are literally thousands of people on-boarding waiting to become your new best friend.

Don’t worry about a thing…

Forgot something? Don’t worry, anything and everything you could possibly need is available on-board. Doctors, medical centres, convenience stores and laundry’s are available on most cruise lines. They really have thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

Vitamin Sea

I know this is an obvious one and I can hear you judging me but….the ocean is utterly magical and calming, it’s like a balm for your soul, it is Mother Nature at her very best and do I even need to mention the spectacular sunrises and sunsets you get to experience at sea? And the views that go on for days?

Exotic destinations

Cruising is the most convenient and most comfortable way to experience off the beaten track destinations that are usually very difficult to reach by air or land. Immerse yourself in exotic destinations and cultures and discover new horizons just waiting to be experienced. Experiencing new cultures are not restricted to the destinations as most cruise lines have multi-cultural staff which adds so much to your cruising experience.

Food, glorious food!

This is probably the best reason to cruise. No need to spend precious time looking for a decent

restaurant, running out of dodgy restaurants or watching your budget and doing calculations in your head. Food is included, there are loads of options to suit every possible taste, your inner foodie will scream with delight at the vast array of food available. Everything from an all you can eat buffet (literally; all you can eat), culinary delights at the speciality restaurant, go to burgers and pizza and even healthy options for those of us that are a little more health conscious, you could literally try a new food at every single meal. Go on! Be adventurous, you only live once! Most cruise lines have world famous restaurants run by world famous celebrity chefs and some ships even offer cooking lessons and gourmet cooking demos.

No language barriers

Travelling to foreign destinations is very exciting but not speaking the language and not being understood is only funny on the first day. Cruising almost illuminates this frustration, most cruise staff speak fluent English and people in ports where tourism is big business make an effort to speak basic English.

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